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Untill we meet again.

I haven’t been posting for a while, and while i occasionally come back to find music or a film inspiration. The thought of posting anything is not something that appeals. Thanks to all the people that talked to me,questioned my sexuality and made me question my sexuality. ya’ll are wonderful people.

If you really love me you can follow my exploits of going to live music and Melbourne lyf, (or where ever is next) on that new hot thing instragram @olivermoff.

Keep it good kids.

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Murakami - Made In Heights

It’s a silly rush that i used to get
Singing Billy or reading Vonnegut
I could teleport to the stars
Kinda strange that I’m all alone

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Today - The Smashing Pumpkins

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Anonymous said: Post a picture of yourself (please :))

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Because you were younger then
And thought you didn’t have to care about anyone
But you’re older now
And you wish that you could

(Source: natfagle)

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Kate Mara - GQ UK - February 2014
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keep it together.

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